Wellness #101 - The new you starts HERE!


This blog is going to change the way you look at your food and will be filled with practices you can deploy to launch a healthy lifestyle, to sustain a path you are already on… or a path you are trying to master - Over the next few months I will supply you with essential skills that anyone can use to navigate safely and smoothly through the wild terrain of wellness today.  And it is a wild world we find ourselves in! It’s a surge of the profit driven interests of : Big Food, Big Pharma, Big Tech.

And, it is shaping the ways we:
Eat , Think , Treat Our Bodies and Our Minds.

In addition, the number of brands and products promising to deliver better health is dizzying. Do You want to take the right steps to stay well and energized? Or, avoid the decline you’re being told is inevitable as you age? You might want to resolve chronic symptoms, Or, get a handle on weight issues Or, better your state of mind. 

But, knowing the direction to start walking can be confusing and having the time or energy to figure it out in the midst of a busy life – who has that? I’m here to tell you what you need to do, And to put the power firmly into your own hands. 

Today, more than any time in recent decades - your primary care provider is YOU. 

I learned this during my 1st Pregnancy weight gain. I had weight to lose for the first time in my life and was blown away by the confusion and masses of information. I also had a son who was ill and I needed to have a understanding of my sons chronic inflammation. The food I was feeding family was definitely not helping so I decided to return to school! Please check out the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. It is a phenomenal accredited education outlet. I studied all kinds of diets and theories, and what I learned is we are all bio individuals and there is not one program that fits everyone. Your wellness program has to be unique to you, in order for it to be successful.

WE ARE ALL Bio individuals. Health is an outcome of the small choices you make on a daily basis.

Ultimately, there is only your way and establishing “your way” is a priority for everyone. You are the owner of a unique constitution : Metabolically, physiologically, and emotionally. You are not a one size fits all machine that thrives on hard, fast rules. 

While there certainly are universal laws that apply to everyone within a human design – ie: eating lots of vegetables is nonnegotiable for nourishment, detoxification, and disease prevention, and sleep is essential for healing and repair –

BUT HOW YOU CHOOSE TO IMPLEMENT THESE HABITS IS A PERSONAL MATTER: Spinach or cauliflower? Night owl or Early Bird ? Rock Climber or Swimmer?

YOU need to pick what works for: Your Needs. Your Tendencies. Your Tolerances. So you can establish the habits that work for you and succeed at maintaining them. Furthermore, our psychological needs and personal preferences shift at different phases of our lives in response to changing circumstances.

What all this means is that you need to know you!

And truth is you probably already do. Which is why this story is designed to make you the author of your own health story. This is not a linear, follow this program approach, that insists every single person do the same thing, but in fact, it’s circular. Awakening to ourselves also means awakening to the fact that we are living in a world that is out of order. The pressures, the deceptions, the depletions, and the stress that almost all of us live are real, they are mounting in intensity, and they’re not going away anytime soon and, they are dividing us. 

I am here to remind you all that we CAN celebrate our differences and we must as a community come together on a collective reality. We have been infected by a highly compromised food supply, high pressure work environments, toxic exposures, social and family stress, and more.


Start today and empower yourself to make one small change, and that is, take processed food out of your diet immediately! You will feel better, look better, and think better!

Heather Thomson