Freedom Retreats

The Dirty Freedom Movement


Our ability to handle life circumstances largely depends on our energy tank and ability to generate positive energy for our daily life and needs. Some people may understand the terms exhaustion, thinning, damage of confidence and angry energy, while others may relate to increased irritability or being sensitive to minute stresses, lack of purpose depression and sadness. Life circumstances may be challenging and life itself may seem overwhelming at times. Our emotional wellness starts with releasing of the past trauma, as well as recognizing where unhealthy thought patterns originate and how you can gradually start rewiring them. 

Together we will suspend any disbeliefs you may have and open up to surrender your judgment and over active inner thoughts to a power greater than you. 

Endless freedom and grace are available to you when you receive spiritual guidance and learn emotional wellness principles. We use small group workshops, dedicated relaxation days, clean green nourishment, essential oils and therapies to assist you in refilling this energetic tank with positivity and love.  Its up to you.


DIRTY Freedom is in its simplest form, a powerful message about our connections to our natural environments and ultimately, to ourselves. The way we relate to nature helps define our place within it, and by awakening this natural, yet dormant connection to the environment around us, we can move beyond today’s fragmented world. 

DIRTY Freedom – Retreat 1 Red Mountain Resort in Utah Sept. 19-22

Commune with the powerful energy of the land, connect with the wisdom of your spiritual truth and gain remarkable insight about yourself. Through hard work, observation and conscious practice, we open up to the power of nature to transform our lives, uplift our spirits, and even to direct our bodies to a healthier potential. For everyone who has a sense of something missing, who wishes to make a difference in their world, who yearns to reclaim their sense of wonder and awe, or who struggles with their health or emotional balance—nature speaks to all who will listen. Click link to learn more.

*2 Epic adventures, delicious meals filled with good nutrition, fitness classes, meditation and helpful relaxation techniques, group workshops to help breakdown our barriers, spa time, and goodie bags.  Begin a journey toward good health and vitality that you can stick with for years to come.

PURE Freedom - Retreat 2 Rosewood Sand Hill Resort and Spa CA Oct. 18-21

This experience promotes true spiritual growth, conscious living and positive social change that will inspire to new possibilities for a better world. The intention of Freedom is a deeply empowering inner and outer journey leading to renewal and transformation accessing a place of immense clarity and wisdom. Innovative and powerful practices that will support empowering visions while clearing away limiting emotional and mental clutter, stress and sadness and open to love light and well, life. Enjoy the company of a small group of like-minded travelers, access a place of clarity and wisdom. Participate in ceremonies, workshops, practices and journeys that have roots in our connection to nature.

* Luxury 5star resort, spa treatments, workshops on inner reflections and the voice with in. Hikes to observe wildlife, powerful practices to support a new vision for your life and gain a fresh perspective on our view of the world as it unfolds before us. Clean delicious eating, fitness classes and meditation time.

FRESH Freedom - Retreat 3 – Santa Barbara Resort Curacao Winter 2020

This retreat is a look at our relationship with food, as each successive generation moves farther away from nature, the growing disconnect is expressed through physical as well as mental stress, from depression and fatigue, to attention disorders, chronic inflammation, illness and obesity. PURE mind-body, fitness, holistic therapy’s, wellness and life coaching all assist us in reconnecting with all the elements of what makes for a healthy lifestyle. 

* Daily fitness classes, moving meditation class, water sports and adventures, weight loss and FRESH healthy foods, home and body care discussions curated goodie bags filled with eco-friendly products.