#301 Resist the Irresistible


Breaking free of the grip of processed food is a must if you want to claim your own health. Get angry, you’ve been hijacked!  Convenience foods are convenient only for the companies that profit off of them. Junk food and fast food have been engineered by food science to be hyper palatable which means they will put anything in them to make you crave their taste and texture that typically includes: High Doses of Sugar, Bad Oil‘s, MSG, GMO, Soy, Chemical Flavorings, and The Artificial Flavors Listed can contain countless unnamed chemicals that are not dis-allowed by our FDA. Hyper-Palatable food is designed to De-Rail your fullness signaling, it will induce cravings to over-eat, trigger unnatural food highs via a dopamine reaction in your body and override your innate ability to stop eating. Unregulated food and you add up to one big science experiment that doesn’t work in your favor, but it sure makes money for shareholders. 

Remember this: Many processed foods, most fast food, and almost every soda in the world has been designed and built with addiction in mind. This includes the processed chips an the fair at many fast casual restaurants that tempt you with the handcrafted onion rings or authentic cheesy flowery meaty burritos

A recent survey found 83% of Americans eat out because of cravings. But, you can learn to change your cravings and become a smart eater. Engage your wellness decision maker – YOU! So start today and empower yourself to make one small change, and that is, take processed food out of your diet immediately! You will feel better, look better, and think better!


And while we can’t solve all the world’s problems and inequalities and differences here today, collectively we can stack the odds in our favor toward a healthy existence that can help us face the challenges before us and enjoy life. My job is to remind us that we are one, and together we can take an individual path that leads to a collective advancement. It comes from learning how to use some fairly simple tools and committing to using them for our collective optimal function. And it starts right now. 

You can learn to change your cravings and become a smart eater.

FoodHeather Thomson